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20. Apr 2009

I was with Brian in some kind of fortified castle. We were sitting by a big open window on a cushioned bench. For some reason we were holding someone's uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes. They were clean - there was no blood or anything. I was showing Brian the ovaries and he was really interested. We were looking something up in a book that was on my lap. He put one of the ovaries down and Iggy ate it. I was upset at Iggy but I said "Oh well at least there is still one here. Not a big deal".

They there were three or four fetuses. They were only about 4 or 5 inches long. People in the royal court were trying to kill them and they succeeded in killing all of them except one. I had the last one and I was keeping it warm. I was happy that I was starting to lactate again so that I could feed it

Blue jaguars and pregnancy tests

I seem to have been dreaming and remembering some of them again. At least - more than in the past couple years.

A couple nights ago I had a dream I was in the backseat of a car. My boyfriend was in the passenger seat in the front and our friend Chris was driving. We were on a highway. There was a bright electric-blue jaquar walking in the road. It was friendly and acknowledged me as we drove by. I was worried it was going to be hurt but we were driving to quickly to stop and there was too much traffic.

Sure enough - after we passed a car behind us hit it. There was smoke everywhere and the cat was on the road bleeding and I couldn't go back to help it.

Last night I had a dream that I was in the bathroom about to take a shower. I had electronic pregnancy tests. For some reason I had a lot of them. I was bleeding so logic told me I had my period but I kept taking test after test after test and they kept telling me I was pregnant, pregnant, pregnant and then I suddenly stopped bleeding.

24. Aug 2008

What a dream

There was a change going on in the world - with people and with the Earth itself. Not even just Earth - the entire Universe. There was a large group of people that had taken over world affairs. It was almost a combination of a religious and a political group. They were in power and had a capitol city though I don't know what city that was in waking life. There was a growing rebellion group - but they were still small and not able to take over yet. They had a leader who was a young man still - probably in his late teens or early 20's. I think there was a prophesy about him.

When I entered the dream I appeared next to him and I was his protector. I can't remember his name now but it was an "E" or an "A" name like Ethan or Aaron. I was female but not human. I had red hair like now but it was very very long down my back and I was dressed in red and silver. My voice was different - bigger - and when I would become angry my head would change into the head of an eagle. I could also shapeshift completely into a great red eagle (with a wingspan of 12 feet) when I needed to go somewhere that required flying.

I told him I was there to protect him and watch over him and he accepted that. He interacted with many people in whatever his affairs were. I remember being with him in a basement and there was a group of people that were with the domineering political group there. They knew Ethan was different and they would set up spies to pretend to be his friends. One of them showed up there that Ethan had believed to be dead. He was missing a hand and I was pleased when Ethan refused to trust him anymore. My head was an eagle head during that entire time and when I spoke it shook the room.

We left and went back to a headquarters type place for our group. It was a huge house on the cliffs by the sea. There were other people from our group there but as Ethan's protector I never trusted anyone completely even though most of them were likely good people. I was out on the terrace and I looked at the sky. The stars were changing which was something I had been waiting for. They were moving in the sky into different formations. I went in to get Ethan and brought him outside and told him there was something I had to show him. By then, the stars had joined together directly above us into several long and spiraling ladder strands. The rest of the sky was very black with no stars but where the stars had joined together it was a golden colour. Ethan asked what it meant and I said it was a sign of the beginning of change. The stars were making the formation of long strands of DNA.

It was time for Ethan to sleep so I took him to his room. I needed to check on some things so I had two 'beings' watch over Ethan while he slept. One was sort of female but completely naked and completely silver with wings. The other looked like a simple little woman but wasn't. They were the only ones I could trust because they weren't human.

I went to the terrace and stepped off the edge, turning into a great red eagle and flying across the ocean. The stars were above me in their DNA formations, turning slowly in the sky, they made it easier to see even though it was night. The oceans were rolling because things were going on with the Earth. Things were changing. A hole appeared in the air in front of me and t hings started spilling out into the ocean. White clouds and smoke and among that were what looked like the typical idea of what angels look like. There were several dozen of them spilling out into the ocean and then they'd fly up and out and shake off after their journey. Some of them had harps. I was glad to see them because it was another sign of the change happening to the Universe. I turned around because I had seen enough and headed back to Ethan to continue my protection.

17. Aug 2008

I was in a house with a lot of rooms. It was my house in the dream but I'm not familiar with is from waking life or from other draems.

There were tarantulas in the house - at least 6 of them. They were the size of my hand. Some were brown and some dark brown. Either way, they were freaking me out and there was no room where I was safe from them. They were getting in everywhere. I went into a bedroom and noticed Sheba's tail from under the bed. I knew she was trying to catch one. I pulled her out and saw that one of the tarantulas had bitten her in the left eye. That side of her face was all disfigured and her eyeball was hanging out in a gooey mess. I had to clean her up and at the same time not let my guard down and getting bitten myself.

I did manage to clean up her eye pretty nicely even though the eyeball itself was unrepairable. I cleaned her up with medicine. That was it.


26. Mär 2008

Been dreaming more lately - I have to take the time to write them down! The following dream is strictly the fault of watching the mini-series "John Adams" on cable TV.

Last night I was in France in the mid 1770's. I had just sailed over from the Americas and I was meeting with the French court to convince them to help my country gain freedom from Britian. John Adams had already been there and insulted them I was going to repair the damage done by him.

I don't know where Thomas Jefferson went. Anyway, I was completely charming and because I am female I was able to get the women of the court to trust me and like me and they, in turn, convince the men of the court that the Americas was worth helping because some of the Americans loved art and music. There was a big ball-type affair and I was there speaking in French fluently and meeting ambassadors from other countries.

11. Dez 2006

I was on the newest season of the Surreal Life.  It had just started filming and at first I didn't know why they'd want me on there because I wasn't even semi famous but it turns out I had won some talent contest and pagenty type titles years ago and had forgotten about it.  So I was all kinds of psyched to be on Surreal Life because that show is hysterical.  Some of the other people that were on it were Fiona Apple, The Rock, some female comedian, Vanilla Ice (again), and the other two we hadn't met yet because they didn't come into the house yet.  

I was ALLL excited to go to my Live Journal and tell people to watch the show.  They were increasing the show to an hour long and we'd be in the house for 2 weeks instead of one.

23. Sep 2006

I don't know where the dream started but I found myself at a place of worship. I didn't know what I was doing there. I was in a white dress - ni an elegant 30's art deco style. I sat in one of the pews and a woman came out to give the sermon. Immediately, I was bored. She was very monotone and I was just thinking "WOW how do people pay attentioN?! No wonder people lose interest"

She was called away for something and had to excuse herself momentarily from the front of the church, leaving everyone waiting. I got up and took her place and started really talking to people about religion, the Bible and Jesus. It was weird but they all loved me and were very entertained.

Then suddenly it wasn't a church anymore but a synagogue and I suddenly felt very stupid for talking about Jesus but I explained to them that I was brought up Catholic (which I wasnt in waking life) so I was making analogies.

The woman came back to continue the sermon but no one really wanted to listen to her anymore. So I started a song in Hebrew and in the dream I didn't know how I knew it but I did. Everyone started singing and apparently it was a happy worship song because everyone started dancing and moving around the room in a big circle, singing loudly, and having a good time.

I looked up to the front of the room and there was woman in white up there suddenly, she was otherworldly, sort of ghostly because she wasn't completely solid. She didn't say anything but reached out and pointed at me.

One of the men next to me turned to me and said "You are the one" and someone else said "You are chosen!"

13. Sep 2006

Had a dream I was in New York City. The World Trade Center was still there and the date was September 9th, 2001. I remember thinking that they wouldn’t be there soon because I knew what was going to happen even though no one else around me did. I had to take pictures of the towers. The sun was setting in the West and the light was glittering all over the towers and it was just beautiful. I flew up in the air *because I could* and started taking pictures from all angles -- angles that people didn’t typically take because they can’t fly. Some of them were turning out really beautifully but then some of them that I was taking were showing images from 2 days later with debris everywhere and I’d get upset because I wanted pictures of the towers standing so I kept taking more and more photos.

I landed near the huge round fountain and there were people milling about. I realized some of the offices in the lowers floors had been converted into luxury apartments. I lived in one of them on the second floor overlooking the lobby and elevators. I didn’t want to take the elevator because I thought that I didn’t want to get trapped in them when the bomb went off. So I took the escalators. I kept looking at everyone around me and thinking “Soon you’ll all be dead.” I felt sad about it but I knew if I warned them they wouldn’t listen.

14. Apr 2006

My dreams have been really fuzzy lately.

Last night all I remember is being in Italy and going to Rome and I was SO EXCITED to be there. I had my camera with me and I couldn't wait to take hundreds and hundreds of pictures.


Was hanging out at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC (which I attended in waking life). Was buying some fabric there at one of the small stores and explaining to the woman that owned the store that my designs used to be too theatrical for typical tastes.

went outside - May was with me. Ran into a couple guys I used to go to school with (in the dream only - I don't know who they were in waking life). They were REALLY happy to see me. One of them was gay and he had found a stray cat. He wanted me to hold the cat for afew minutes while he ran a couple errands. I did. THe cat was black and had a very strange face - as though he had been beaten up a lot - but it was cute and very friendly.